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DSN now has a policy of publishing all articles directly onto the website aiming for a quarterly email newsletter with links to the new content on the website.  
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Newsletters are attached via the buttons below:
DSN newsletter 132, October 2017 DSN newsletter 131, March 2017 DSN newsletter 130, January 2017 DSN newsletter 129, December 2016 DSN newsletter 128, November 2016 DSN newsletter 127, August 2016 DSN newsletter 126, May 2016

Although the newsletter is entirely open access in its present format, editions from prior to 2012 were published when authors were guaranteed anonymity beyond DSN membership. As a result, we cannot publish our entire back-catalogue online. However, if you are a confirmed member of DSN, you may request e-copies free of charge from Newsletter 106 onward.

​Attached below are copies of the DSN newsletters from 2012 onwards :
DSN newsletter 125 winter 2014-15 DSN newsletter 124 autumn 2014 DSN newsletter 123 summer 2014 DSN newsletter 122 spring 2014 DSN newsletter 121 winter 2013 DSN newsletter 120 autumn 2013 DSN newsletter 119 summer 2013 DSN newsletter 118 winter 2012

DSN newsletter guidance

This is the guidance sheet for The Doctors’ Support, the newsletter of the DSN. This is not comprehensive and merely provides basic details on the scope and style used.

Newsletter Scope
We accept any mental health interest articles, however tenuous! This can include general health and wellbeing articles, tips for staying well, and other general interest pieces. We are as interested in articles about jam making and instrument playing as we are in updates in mental health news! We guarantee to accept articles written by members of the DSN community, (unless deemed obscene or libellous); as a community interest newsletter, we aim to facilitate the sharing of information between members. We accept that articles may not be grammatically perfect at submission; the in-house team are responsible for ensuring the final copy meets the house style and standards. 
Please note that we cannot always guarantee when articles will be published, so please try to be patient. By submitting, authors are passing copyright to the DSN. Where authors wish to remain anonymous, this must be indicated at submission. No personally identifiable information is necessary for publication. 

Editorial Process
The editor reviews articles in the first instance. Articles are allocated to publication based on current issue themes and prioritisation. We prioritise DSN news articles, DSN member articles, and articles with a direct mental health resonance, in that order. All other articles will be published as newsletter space permits. Any articles submitted will be subject to amendment to meet our house style. Editorial suggestions will be notified to the author prior to publication, if possible. 

Style Guide
Although written primarily for doctors, The Doctors’ Support is intended to be light reading, and should be written journalistically rather than academically. The following is designed to facilitate this, and is based on industry standard guidance. DSN will apply the following rules:
 Language: British English in all instances
 Font: 10-12 point serif font (e.g., Times New Roman), single to 1.5 line spacing are acceptable. Sans serif fonts (e.g., Arial) should be restricted to titles as they impair readability. Web-safe fonts should be used as this is an e-publication (http://web.mit.edu/jmorzins/www/fonts.html; Arial, Veranda, and Times New Roman are preferred). If not, care must be taken to embed any fonts in the published document, otherwise these will not appear correctly on all computers. Titles are at the top with the author’s name. If anonymity is requested, a “pen name” or “Anon” will be used. Shorter sentences and paragraphs are preferred
We prefer a maximum length of 500 words for an article but are able to consider other variations!

We can be contacted via the 'Contact DSN' page.
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