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Why join DSN?

Full members of DSN are encouraged to take part in our confidential, online support forums or regional meetings. The forums and meetings provide a safe place for informal peer advice and support on health or professional issues.

DSN members and associates are warmly invited to get involved in the campaigning side of our work.  

If you think the way in which doctors with mental health problems are treated - as patients or colleagues - could be better, join DSN and campaign for progress.  

This is not about creating a 'Rolls-Royce' service for doctors but about removing some of the barriers which currently exist preventing unwell doctors from receiving timely and effective treatment. In addition, by campaigning for better attitudes within the medical profession towards mental health, this will improve mental health care for everybody.
The DSN committee believes that we are stronger together.  

DSN members say :

 'I've had invaluable support and advice over the years I've been a member.'
'... a feeling of belonging.'
'The fact that I feel I am not alone in my situation.'
...'being in touch with other doctors who have suffered mental health problems, being able to support each other, help to lift each other up and give and receive valuable advice from each other.'
' ...meeting others with similar experiences and getting support '
'I had a very difficult time at work. I became unwell. I was well supported by some doctor friends. I feel I am 'giving back' by attending monthly local DSN meetings, and I derive support for myself as well.'
'It is so reassuring to know now that DSN exists as it makes me feel less alone with the problem of illness as a doctor.'

Who can join DSN?

Full DSN membership is available to 
  • Doctors registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK. You do not have to be working (in or out of medicine) or have a licence to practise to be a member of DSN.
  • Medical students studying at a UK medical school
who have a mental health problem.  You do not need to have a diagnosis.
Associate DSN membership
Anyone who does not meet the above criteria but supports the aims of DSN, is welcome to join DSN as an Associate member. Associate members are able to serve on the DSN committee but are not entitled to take part in the DSN online support forum.

Non UK medics
Non UK doctors and medical students are very welcome to join the DSN group on Facebook but remember that this is an open Facebook group (as we have no way of verifying the identity of members) so do not post anything on Facebook that you would not wish to be publicly available.

How to join DSN

Please complete the form (click on the button below) and return it to the email address on the form. We would be grateful if you could also complete the Gift Aid section if you choose to make a Gift Aided donation.
DSN membership application form
Our membership secretary will process your application and be in touch with details for full members on how to access the confidential online forum.  Remember that DSN is entirely run by volunteer members in their spare time - we process enquiries as soon as we can.
Please check your spam folder for our reply before chasing this up with DSN!

Contact DSN membership secretary

Does DSN require payment of a subscription?

DSN no longer requires payment of a subscription as the committee recognises that when unwell, subscription payment may not be possible.  

Please consider making a regular voluntary donation to DSN. As detailed in 'About DSN' the majority of our income is from member donations and is needed for core costs such as insurance for DSN activities and stand fees for conferences.

Suggested donations are £25 per year if you are working and £5 per year if you are not working.  

Our preferred donation method for members is an annual standing order to DSN's bank account as per the details below:
  • Sort code: 40 - 01 - 13
  • Account number: 91429361
  • Account name: Doctors' Support N
  • Reference: surname+GMC number (no spaces)
You can make a one-off donation to DSN using the PayPal button the right.  You do not need to have your own PayPal account to do this.
Gift Aid
If you pay UK tax equal or more than the amount of your donation, please consider Gift Aiding your donation as this increases its value to DSN by 20% at no cost to you. If you are a higher rate tax payer, you can also claim the difference between basic rate UK tax and higher rate on your annual tax return. Please complete the Gift Aid section on the membership application form if you are able to.
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